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Yakima Karate Tournament – The Morris Mack Open

Yakima Karate Tournament – The Morris Mack Open
The Morris Mack Open Tournament in Yakima will be happening on Saturday, March 14th.  This tournament is an open tournament so you may get a chance to see other martial arts styles like Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, and Kenpo.  Don’t miss out on the action!
Regular students should compete in Kata if it’s their first time and they could also compete in the point sparring divisions if they are feeling adventurous. 
You are also welcome to simply come down for a day trip and check out the action from the bleachers. 
Tobey Sensei will also be at the tournament with a table to talk about his recently published translation of Toyama Kanken Sensei’s karate book.  Stop by the table to pick up a copy and get it signed!

The Morris Mack Open Tournament
– Saturday, March 14th in Yakima, WA
– At Yakima Valley Community College  South 16th Ave & Nob Hill Blvd
– Ages 7 & Up
– Registration from 8 AM to 10 AM (Don’t stress about getting there at 8am… anytime before 10am should be perfect.)
– Tournament begins at 10 AM

For more information on the tournament stop by the front desk!