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Active ECK Students

Welcome to the Active ECK Student Page

Training in Karate-Do is a life-changing experience.  And to get the most out of this experience it’s best to have some resources to help your practice time at home.  The more accurate and consistent your practice is outside of the dojo, the quicker progress you will make inside the dojo.

Please use this page to get the latest information about our current curriculum!

Thank you for being such an awesome part of the ECK Family!

What you can find on this page:

  • Class reservation link – Bookwhen Link
  • Dojo’s Facebook page and group
  • ECK Parking & Pick up and Drop off procedures
  • Belt stripes information
  • Belt Test Information

How to Reserve your spots for our evening karate classes

Reservation is REQUIRED for our evening karate classes.  Please reserve your or your child(ren)’s spots for our evening classes on Bookwhen.

This helps us to manage the size of each class and the safety of our students.

We understand that it’s easy to forget to reserve a spot.  We also do our best to accommodate non-reserved students on the mat.  However, since we can only serve a set number of students in each class safely, please remember to reserve a spot for our classes ahead of time so we don’t have to send anyone home.

Thank you for understanding and for your cooperation.

ECK Parking & Pick up and Drop Off procedures

The safety of our students and our community is our highest priority so we ask all parents and those involved with transporting our students to park legally when dropping off or picking up students from the dojo.  Please do not leave your car running and wait in front of the dojo.

If cars are double parked on Greenwood this blocks the bike lane creating hazards for bicyclists and causing cars to swerve into the turning lanes.  This also creates a dangerous environment at the crosswalk on 84th.

We’ve put together a map that includes some details about the parking options around the dojo.  These options include street parking, loading zones, neighborhood parking, and our dedicated and reserved parking lot.

Please view the map below and contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you for helping us maintain a safe environment during drop-offs and pick-ups.

Click the image to see a larger image

ECK facebook page & Group

Belt Stripes Information

Memory Stripe


Memory Stripe Material:
Nihongo – Japanese Words

Bronze Stripe

Bronze Stripe Material:
Kihon Waza – Basic Techniques

Silver Stripe

Silver Stripe Material:
Kougeki Waza –  Attacks

Gold Stripe

Gold Stripe Material:
Kata – Formal Military Patterns

Belt Promotions

Belt testing at Emerald City Karate is one of our most exciting events! Students train hard to improve their skills and advance in the ranks. They learn about setting worthy goals and achieving them.

Testing Eligibility:

  • Students have achieved all 4 belt stripes, Memory, Bronze, Silver, and Gold Stripe.
  • New students must have completed at least two months of training to be eligible to test.
  • Existing students must not have missed more than one month of training since their last exam to be eligible to test.

Promotion Testing:

Promotion testing is scheduled three times a year in the months of January, May and September. Testing forms with more details are available before each test.  Students will receive their test results from black belt judges right after your belt test.  If your child misses belt test, they’ll be taking a make up belt test or private make up test.

Belt Presenting Week & Buddy Week:

Students will be awarded their new belts the week following Belt Test Week.

Each instructor will present belts at the end of their first class of the week. Parents are welcome to join this celebration.

During the week of the belt presentation, we’ll also have our Buddy Week throughout the week.  We’ll be showing off our test material, playing awesome games, and presenting your belts.  It’s a great way for your friends to see you receive your next belt!  Bring your buddies to the dojo all week long!

In order for your friends to join, their parents/guardians need to fill out a waiver prior to the class.  Please email us at to receive a waiver.

Change Classes:

Students will move to their new classes according to their new rank.  Please check out our current class schedule from here.

Belt Test Requirements & Videos

Our belt test requirement videos will be emailed through our software, Zen Planner before each belt test.  Please check your inbox for belt test requirement email.


“I first started training under Sensei Tobey in 2008. When I first started my training I was a pack-a-day smoker. I had tried to quit smoking many times but had failed. I promised Sensei I’d quit before my black belt test. I no longer smoke, and I believe that my training in Shudokan Karate under Sensei Tobey gave me the mental discipline that I needed to quit.”

-Thom E – Adult Karate Program

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“My 7-year old son and I have been going to Emerald City Karate for several years now. We have had a great time and always look forward to our family/youth class. As well as teaching about karate and Japanese culture and language, Sensei Tobey provides great lessons on how to work hard and patiently to succeed in anything. It’s also a great way to get mid-week exercise!”

Alan H – Youth & Family Program

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Your reviews help make us better, leave yours today. On Yelp


“Sensei Tobey is my son’s Karate teacher (we’re in the 4 to 6-year-old class).   As a teacher of small children, I find him to be a wonderful combination of patience, discipline, and fun. He is very passionate about teaching Karate and it shows. He relates to the kids very well and can teach boys and girls equally, not only the physical skills of Karate but mental focus skills as well. It’s been a great experience for my son and I highly recommend Sensei Tobey and Emerald City Karate to anyone looking to enroll their child in a martial arts class. “

Yvette H (Karate Mom)

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Your reviews help make us better, leave yours today. On Yelp


Before joining Emerald City Karate I had no experience playing sports or participating in exercise programs because I didn’t like physical activities. So I didn’t expect I would be able to keep training for more than a month or so. But I found it to be fun immediately. The karate class has a variety of different subjects that keep students from being bored. Also, Sensei Tobey knows how to encourage students and allows them to have fun while feeling good about themselves. He likes telling jokes and making students laugh but his passion for teaching karate is always distinctive and serious. Because of his encouragement, I have kept training for a long time and even now I am training in Japan! Karate has taught me the joy of exercise and improved my concentration and it continues to teach many students to practice better manners and etiquette.

It is my pleasure to recommend Emerald City Karate for your exercise and experience in martial arts.

-Kaoru M: Adult Karate Program

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Your reviews help make us better, leave yours today. On Yelp


“I cannot say enough good things about the programs offered at Emerald City Karate. If you have children, this dojo (school) is a wonderful environment for them to learn traditional Japanese martial arts, self-discipline, and to have a great time!”

-Samantha: Karate mom

Your reviews help make us better, leave yours today. On Google


Your reviews help make us better, leave yours today. On Yelp