Holiday Closures

ECK is closed in honor of the holidays listed below.

In addition, classes may be closed if the holiday falls near the weekend.  Tuition is not subject to adjustment for closures.

  • January (New Year’s Day)
  • February (President’s Day)
  • May (Memorial Day)
  • July (Independence Day)
  • September (Labor Day)
  • October (Halloween)
  • November (Thanksgiving week)
  • December (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve)

Snow Day Closures

  • Emerald City Karate follows the winter weather policy of Seattle Public Schools.  If Seattle Public Schools close, then we close.
  • In the case of overnight snow, the ECK will email weather-related closure information through our software, post on our website (scroll down to News & Upcoming Events), our social media pages as soon as possible.

Required Equipment

Little Dragons Program (Ages 4 – 6)

  • White Karate Uniform and Karate Belt

All Little Dragons Students are required to purchase a white karate uniform when signing up for a membership.  Uniforms and Belts must be brought to class in order to participate.  If you lose a piece to your set, you can purchase a new set at the front desk.  Please consult us before buying a uniform online because we’ve had students accidentally buy the wrong style or quality of uniform and we don’t want you to have a bad experience with finding the correct uniform for your family.

Youth, Teens, Adults, and After School Program Students (Ages 7 & Older)

  • White Karate Uniform and Karate Belt
  • Sparring Gloves (Approved styles only)
All karate students must purchase a white karate uniform & sparring gloves when signing up for a membership.  Uniforms, Sparring gloves, and belts must be brought to class in order to participate.  If you lose a piece to your set, you can purchase a new set at the front desk or we can order you a new product.
Please consult us before buying gloves or uniforms online in order to prevent accidentally purchasing a style or quality level which would not meet our standards.

Orange Belts and Higher:

Students who are an orange belt or higher are highly recommended to purchase a mid to heavyweight grade uniform.  We recommend ‘Mugen’ Brand uniforms as they are both good quality and quite affordable.  They are also a big step up from beginner uniforms.  These higher quality uniforms will also help your techniques looks and sound (Snap!) the best.  This more professional look is especially preferred when students enter in tournaments and major seminars or training camps.  The heavy material used for these uniforms means they last longer and hold up better against the more involved grabs and pulls which accompany higher level training.


Initial Registration:

New students are eligible to sign up for our two-week trial online or at the front desk.  The signup process for our two-week trial will include signing our waiver and agreement sheet which can be done online before you come to class or at the front desk on an Ipad.

Membership Registration:


Tuition Policy

Payment Options & Obligations

All plans not paid in full must be paid by either automatic EFT bank transfers or automatic credit card payments.  This will happen each month according to the agreement regardless or attendance and without pro-rating.

Transferring Memberships & Standard No Refund Policy

If a member is unable to use their memberships, they may transfer it to an immediate family member.  There are no refunds for tuition.

Renewal Policy

Memberships will automatically renew unless 30 days written notice is given before an impeding renewal date.  Once renewed, it will run until completion.  If it is your desire not to renew, you must contact our office by email or in writing two weeks prior to the renewal date.

Make Up Class Policy

If you miss any class, you are welcome to attend another class of the appropriate rank and age to make up the class you were unable to attend.

Freezing Your Membership

“Freezing” allows members to take time off from Karate for vacation, etc.  Full credit for the frozen month(s) will be added to the end of your membership.  Prior notice necessary.

  • A Maximum of 2 month may be frozen under a six month membership and 3 month under a twelve month membership.
  • Credit will only be applied if the freezing notice is provided before the freeze month.