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Spring Break Modified Class Schedule: Keep the Momentum Going!


Spring break is just around the corner, and while it’s a time for relaxation and rejuvenation, it doesn’t mean we have to hit pause on our martial arts journey. At Emerald City Karate, we believe in the power of consistency and dedication, which is why we’re excited to announce our modified class schedule for the upcoming spring break period.

Class Schedule Overview:

During spring break, we’ll be offering a modified class schedule to accommodate our students’ varying schedules and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to continue their training.

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect:

Why Train During Spring Break?

You might be wondering why it’s important to continue training during spring break. The truth is, that consistency is the cornerstone of progress in martial arts. By maintaining your training regimen, you not only reinforce your skills and build muscle memory but also stay mentally sharp and focused.

Moreover, spring break offers a unique opportunity to dive deeper into your practice without the distractions of school or work. It’s a chance to set goals, challenge yourself, and make significant strides in your martial arts journey.

Join Us for Spring Break Training:

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a newcomer to the dojo, we invite you to join us for spring break training at Emerald City Karate. Together, let’s seize this opportunity to push our limits, expand our horizons, and take our martial arts skills to new heights!

For the full spring break modified class schedule and additional details, please refer to the email newsletter or visit our website. We look forward to seeing you on the mat!

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