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Save the Date! Belt Rank Exam for students ages 7 & older on May 17th & May 18th


Mark your calendars and lace up your belts because the eagerly awaited Belt Rank Exam is just around the corner!

Scheduled for Friday, May 17th, and Saturday, May 18th, this event promises to be an exhilarating showcase of skill, determination, and perseverance.

At our dojo, we believe in recognizing and celebrating the hard work and dedication of our students.

For those aged 7 and older, the Belt Rank Exam is a rite of passage, a moment where they can put their training to the test and demonstrate their progress to themselves, their peers, and their instructors. It’s not just about the color of the belt; it’s about the journey of self-improvement and personal growth that each student undertakes.

The Belt Rank Exam is a culmination of months of training, sweat, and commitment. Students have diligently honed their techniques, mastered forms, and refined their discipline under the guidance of our experienced instructors. Now, they have the opportunity to showcase their skills and earn the recognition they rightfully deserve.

For those unable to attend the initial exam dates, fret not!

Makeup Belt Tests will be held on Friday, May 24th, at 5 pm & 6 pm. We understand that life can sometimes throw unexpected challenges our way, and we want to ensure that every student has the chance to demonstrate their progress and achieve their goals.

More detailed information regarding the exam schedule, requirements, and logistics will be provided through our newsletter email.

Keep an eye on your inbox for updates and important reminders as the exam dates draw closer.

As we approach this exciting event, let us remember the values of perseverance, resilience, and dedication that lie at the heart of martial arts. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a newcomer to the dojo, the Belt Rank Exam is an opportunity for all of us to come together, support one another, and celebrate the incredible journey of growth and self-discovery that martial arts affords us.

So, let’s rise to the challenge, push our limits, and show the world what we’re made of. Together, we will unlock our potential and reach new heights of excellence!

See you on the mat!

Emerald City Karate